Courtesy    ¦     Integrity    ¦     Perseverance    ¦     Self-Control   ¦     Indomitable Spirit     :   I Shall Observe the Tenets of Taekwon-Do    :   I Shall respect my Instructors and Seniors    :    I Shall Never Misuse Taekwon-Do   :   I Shall be a Champion of freedom and Justice     :      I Shall build a more peaceful World

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                                *Please note - All dates are subject to change

Your instructor will advise when your applicable for promotion. Grading fees should be submitted to your instructor at least a week prior to the scheduled grading. You are also required to have in place current membership and insurance card, along with your Hogan's yellow student grading book.

Please ensure all items are handed in in due course, thus ensuring the grading commences on time. Failure to do so may result in your promotion being delayed!

N.B: - For Grading Results please look on Announcements Page or Members Area


                                             KINGSTON DOJANG ADDRESS

The location for the Grading will be at the Dojang in Kingston, which is located at the Tiffin Boys’ School in Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston, Surrey KT2 6RL Click here for Map

Address: Hogan's Kingston Taekwon-Do School
Tiffin Boys’ School
Queen Elizabeth Road
Surrey KT2 6RL
Telephone:   020 8546 4638